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Labelling Terminology

Die cut – cut within material across the web (see diagram)

Butt cut Рcut across the web / square corners

Head Leading – top of label comes off roll first

Foot Leading  Рbottom of labels comes off roll first

Left-hand leading – left edge of label comes off roll first

Right-hand leading – right edge of label comes off first

Winding code Рwhich label edge leads first

N.E.L Рnarrow Edge Leading

W.E.L Рwide Edge Leading

Fan folded – perforated across web and folded

Halftone – tiny printed dots giving shade variations to a colour

Vignette – graduating shade using one colour

Lamination Рclear material covering printed matter

ID – internal Diameter, used to describe core diameter

Cores – what labels are wound onto

PMS – Pantone scale matched ink reference

4 colour process – 4 cols. Used in overlay to produce full colour

Spot colours Рindividual colours in addition to 4 col. Process

Linework – no halftones, vignettes or tight register

Tight Register – when print colours have no room to manoeuvre

Hotfoil – process of manufacture

Flexographic – process of manufacture

UV Flexographic Рprocess of manufacture

Letterpress Рprocess of manufacture

Thermal Transfer – process of manufacture


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