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February 2016

February 2016 Newsletter


Faces to names, back at the ranch…..

As clients you may have met some of our team in person already, maybe we have been to visit your company, maybe you have visited us at our plant in Macclesfield, Cheshire?

If neither is true, now’s a chance to put a face to a name, I’ve also added a brief outline of what they look after at County Labels.

Nik - colour

Nik E Richardson
Managing Director

Nik founded the company in 1987 and as the MD oversees the current operation and is the lead visionary for the future of County Labels. He has additional business interests in the USA and so leaves a lot of the day to day running to his Senior Management Team.
 Jamie - colour

Jamie J Campbell
Sales Director

Jamie has worked alongside Nik for 24 years, his role is to ensure the service and solutions we offer to our client base are of a high standard, consistently.   He has extensive knowledge of labels and related technology and is part of the Senior Management Team.
 Pete - colour

Peter Cash
Financial Director

Pete has been with County Labels for 15 years, taking good care of all things involving numbers! He also has a huge talent for automation and report generation “what we can measure, we can manage” Pete is also part of the Senior Management Team.
 will - colour

Will Cook
Operations Manager

Will has been at County Labels since leaving school 16 years ago! As Operations Manager he looks after the Account Managers, which he was once one himself.   In addition he manages the liaison between Administration, Production Planning and Production. The last member of the Senior Management Team.
 Stuart - colour

Stuart Fong
Factory Manager

Stuart is from a paramilitary background having been a Sergeant Major in the Army for many years. No better person to ensure our housekeeping, organisation and adherence to systems and commitments is of the highest order.
 Alan - colour

Alan Clarke
Studio Manager

Alan is our Studio Manager with over 20 years’ experience in Graphic Design, Branding and specifically in artwork preparation ready for platemaking within the label industry. If it’s about Artwork, Alan knows!
 claire - colour

Claire Goodwin
Production Planner

Claire used work for a client of ours as the Purchasing Manager, we so admired her expectation for high standards of service and delivery, we took the opportunity to invite her to our Team when the opportunity arose. Since then we haven’t looked back, she looks after Production Planning and has the focus and determination levels required to make it work!
 Sean - colour

Sean Gill
Senior Account Manager

As a Senior Account Manager its Sean’s job to manage the interests, needs and expectations on a day to day basis. He has high levels of product knowledge that come from hands on experience within the Production environment.
 mark - colour

Mark Dineen
Account Manager

Marks main role is an Account Manager but he also looks after the day to day requirements and interests of the field based Sales Team which consists of 4 individuals covering the whole of the UK.
 Lauren - colour

Lauren Walton
Accounts Assistant

Lauren works in the Accounts Department looking after the numbers with Pete. She also looks after hospitality and ensures all our guests are made to feel as welcome as possible.
 abbie - colour

Abbie Richardson
Studio Assistant

Abbie works part time in the Studio before she leaves us for more intelligent company as she goes to University in October!
 tony - colour

Tony Light
Senior Warehouseman

Tony makes sure materials coming in are correct and in good order. He then issues them line side in good time so the printers have raw materials to hand at the point they need them but not before.   He packs your labels too, making sure they are fit for transit to you!



You liked the Free Christmas Labels….How about some of these for the office Mug?

We all like free stuff, don’t we?

At Christmas we offered free Christmas labels for which there were lots of takers!  So, we decided to have some fun and make some more free labels.  These are specifically for having a bit of fun and banter in the office.

If you fancy some of the fun labels below, just drop a “Yes Please” email to and we will send a load over for you.

blue fun   red fun


Reminder – Training Programs


A quick reminder about our In-house Training Programmes.

If you use labels but you don’t know a great deal about them, maybe you don’t know about all the options or materials available to you.  Maybe you don’t know about some of the clever money and space saving options open to you.

If you don’t know much about labels, it’s highly likely that your current label solution could be bettered???

Here at County Labels we run Training courses as follows:

  • Beginner– for those who know little or nothing of labels and or printing
  • Intermediate – for those who perhaps know a little of printing but nothing much of labels
  • Advanced – for those who know about printing but want to be label Jedi

The courses we offer are free of charge, typically take half a day for each level, for up to 6 delegates per course.

Participants can decide for themselves which level course they come to, there is no prerequisite for any of them albeit if you know nothing of print or labels the advanced course will be tough going to say the least!

If this may be of interest to you or your Team, please drop an email to me and I’ll contact you to discuss further and or arrange.

See you again in March!

The County Labels Team

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