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Scratch and Sniff

Scratch-LabelsOne of our clients sells education merit “stickers” and systems.¬† They wanted to design a new product that would be scratch and sniff labels on an A5¬†sheet.

County Labels are able to produce a vast number of standard smells integrated with the label printing process, from freshly cut grass to freshly ground coffee and literally hundreds more.  Our client wanted a very rich Belgian chocolate scent to come from the labels as they would be pictures of luxury chocolates.  We offered the client several alternatives to consider from which they agreed on one they liked.

We are able to achieve scratch and sniff label surfaces  by adding scent crystals to the UV varnish, which at the time of printing are flash hard cured and dont give off much of a scent.  Once the label face is agitated by a coin or fingernail some of the crystals are broken releasing the intended scent.


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