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April 2015


Man Down!

My most sincere apologies; did you know 7.6 million working days are lost each year in the UK to flu, a significant percentage of them recently have been down to me!

Joking aside it’s genuinely the reason I was bed bound for nigh on 2 weeks! And as a result there was no March newsletter!  Once again, sorry, we will roll over the caption competition to April and the winner will receive both the March and April prize!


hungry animal

Help us feed a very hungry animal

You may recall, last month’s Newsletter told of the new machine coming in, well, it’s in.

Now then, it’s a very hungry animal indeed and eats work at speeds we are not familiar with, truth of the matter is, it’s eating us out of house and home.  Pretty soon we will have no more jobs left to feed it.

Now, this is where you come in, if you order plain labels in volume or you know someone who does, let us feed those jobs to our new machine, in return we’ll charge you significantly less than you currently pay for them.  Until we fill some of the available capacity and satisfy its hunger, we will be taking on jobs at unbelievable prices.  Get some enquiries across to us and we’ll prove it!

Send them to


comic relief

red nose crop

Red Nose Day

County Labels did its bit to raise money for Comic Relief 2015 including running a raffle to win half a day’s holiday!  Won by Steve Elvis, our Sales Exec covering the Midlands and Wales, lucky chap!

In addition there was dressing up, cake eating and various types of general silliness.  Fun had by all!

The Day itself raised a total of £243.82 which was matched by County Labels, making a total of £487.64 donated.


March Caption Competiton

The Hop Studio

This month’s caption competition prize is £50 worth (24 Bottles) of Craft Beers from The Hop Studio in Yorkshire and guess what, we make their labels.

Several of the Team have road tested these beers on behalf of our clients, slaves to the good cause as they are and we can report that they are very quaffable indeed.

To be in with a chance to win, all you need to do is caption the picture below.


Please send your entries to, as usual! – Good Luck! & remember it’s a rollover!

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