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History and Experience

History and Experience

Over the years the Management Team at County Labels have come to appreciate that only what you can measure competently can you manage competently. With this understanding we have heavily systemised the processes and routines within the company which in turn has increased levels of efficiency and continuity well over and above industry standards.

By monitoring KPI’s (key performance indicators) daily we are able to pick up on any downturn in productivity or continuity, quickly identifying the cause and rectifying it. In addition we run a continuous job assessment program by measuring the actual cost of a job against the estimated cost so as to ensure we not only identify jobs that show a negative result but also those were we have bettered our estimated cost so enabling us to reduce the cost per 1000 labels the next time the job is run. This system keeps us competitive and also ensures we are not making 70% of our profit from 10% of our customer base.

For the future we aim to increase our size substantially whilst maintaining the control and focus that has already been put in place. Our common vision is not to be the biggest label manufacturer but instead to offer levels of service a product quality that other manufacturers can only hope to match.

” Let’s not be the biggest, let’s just be the best !”

Nik E Richardson – Managing Director

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