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Until your products are labelled it is not obvious whether you should be washing your hair in it or filling your car with it.

Sure, repeat business is secured if the user likes the product, but how do you inspire new customers to buy the product in the first place?

Answer: with strong branding and designs that are well suited to the products target audience.

We design with print in mind

County Labels have many years experience in translating customer design briefs into stunning labels that make the very most of a products potential.

Better than this, we are printers who understand the implications and limitations of each printing process and therefore produce designs with production in mind.

All too often “trendy” designs are created with little or no consideration for the subsequent print process that will produce the label. We always design with print in mind.

We make sure that small aesthetic detail that does not particularly bring elevated design integrity does not stop the job from running at the required production speeds.


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