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January 2014

Happy New Year!

Greetings everyone and warmest wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. All’s well and busy here and we’re glad to be back with the first newsletter of the year. This time, we have a star guest…

Where there’s a Will…

Will Cook is our Senior Account Manager and he’s been with us for, well, ages. He knows this business like the back of his hand so I cornered him, shone a light in his eyes and quizzed him on what County Labels does for their customers that other labels companies don’t.

Q Will, how long have you been with County Labels?

I’ve been here 13 years. That gives me County Labels ‘Top Gun’ status as I’ve done over 10 years’ service with the company.

Q What does your day involve?

Early starts. I like to get in before the phone starts ringing, dose myself with caffeine and do the prep for the day. A normal day is usually very busy dealing with customer orders and supplying quotes.

Q What makes a good Account Manager?

It’s about having good communication skills as the role involves talking to customers and liaising with production contacts. You need plenty of energy and a flexible approach as things change fast and turnaround times can be very quick. In production stuff happens. There’s no point raging against it. You just crack on.

Q What do customers like about County Labels?

We work with small independent traders to big blue chips and we have great relationships with them all. I think they like the fact we give the same high level of service to everyone. We do this by having almost bomb-proof systemisation and a great management information system. We say “If we can measure it accurately, we can manage it properly.”

Q What’s the most challenging order you’ve had?

Every now and then we get a request that on the face of it is impossible, mad even. But we have some very bright people here and we’re used to thinking outside the box, pushing the envelope as they say. We once produced 42 million labels in 5 days, all shrink-wrapped, bar-coded, packed and delivered. It took some very long hours and a great deal of clever time management, but we got it done and the client was gob smacked!

Q What do you do when you’re not at work?

I’m a husband and dad to two young children so most of my time is spent chauffering my kids around.

Q Which superhero would you be and why?

I’d love to be Professor X so I can stop time and get a moment’s peace at home.

You can mail Will Cook at For any non-Will enquiries, please call the team on 01625 574422 or email me at


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It’s caption time again. Happy days. Take a look at this month’s pic and please inundate me with witty captions…


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Good luck people!


Congratulations to Ann!

Thank you to Ann of Kodit for coming up with the winning caption to last month’s pic. Nice one Ann! Enjoy your Haribo goodies and don’t forget to clean your teeth afterwards.



“I told you these fur lined onesies were all the rage.”

Thanks all and see you next time!

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