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February 2014


Good news from your favourite labels people! We’re about to take delivery of an exciting new piece of kit. Read all about it here and give me a shout if you want to know more…

shrinked and barcoded


In line with our mission to give you the most complete labels service, we’ve responded to requests and ordered a brand new bespoke shrink wrapping and bar coding machine.

Very soon we’ll be able to shrink wrap your rolls of labels so you can store them safely and protect them from damp and dirt. We’ll also be able to bar code them allowing you to stock check them with coding and scanning technology – an increasingly prevalent practice now.

Seamless systems

Our new equipment is a fully automated material handling line which will allow us to drop rolls of finished labels on to the conveyor and automatically put them through the shrink wrapping and bar coding process with little or no human intervention. The unit will then count the appropriate number of rolls into a box or tote and move the filled boxes onto pallets.

The result will be a smooth and efficient process allowing us to give you the benefits of shrink wrapping and bar coding along with faster processing of your orders and even more economical prices.

Available with your next order

If you want your labels to be shrink wrapped or bar coded or both, please call us on 01625 574422 or speak to your Account Manager when you make your next order for labels.

Any questions? Call us on 01625 574422

If you want to know more about any of our services, call us on 01625 574422. We’re always happy to answer your questions and we love to find the smartest solution to any label requirement. I know. We need to get out more.


New Canteen

If you can smell paint, it’s our fault. We’ve just put the finishing touches to our new staff kitchen area and the team are pretty chuffed with it. Looking after our people is very important to us and ensures our team give their very best to our customers. That’s why we’ve kitted out this lovely new space with sofas, table football, a coffee machine and a big screen telly. They won’t want to go home.

Caption our photo and win £50
of Whitakers Chocolates

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m feeling a bit warm and fuzzy. For this month’s caption competition, I’ve snaffled a very tempting £50 worth of luxury chocolates from Whitakers so our winning caption writer can share them with someone special. Me, for example.

Check out this issue’s romantic photo and put your wittiest caption to it. Send your entries and your name to and I’ll pick my favourite.


Wu Conghan, 101, and his 103-year-old wife pose for photos while wearing wedding clothes-1423918

Best of luck!

Congratulations to Mr P Bell

Thanks to Mr Bell from Genesis Recruitment who came up with last month’s winning caption. Enjoy your Detox and Well-being supplements you lucky fellow!



“Alan had been waiting an age for his breakfast. His new egg timer was useless.”

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