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December 2013

Happy Christmas!

I know. You’ve missed us. But dry your eyes because our much loved newsletter is back and this time for good. We’ve got lots to tell you over the coming months as there’ve been some exciting developments at our place. Without further ado, here’s the latest…

Manufacturing excellence under one roof

After rather a lot of crashing and banging, we’ve just unveiled our new manufacturing centre at Adelphi Mill HQ. Our mission was to fine-tune our manufacturing operations to make them as smooth, streamlined and efficient as they can possibly be. To this end we’ve pulled down walls and taken on additional space to allow us to bring all our manufacturing resources under one roof.

Now our manufacturing equipment and our manufacturing team are all in one custom-designed place. This means significant benefits for you. With improved manufacturing flow, we can give you a more responsive service with faster turnaround times and larger volume capacity.

Unmatched service

Bringing our manufacturing people together in one space means they can work even more closely with each other and create a seamless efficiency. Forgive the trumpet-blowing but we’re completely confident we can give our customers unmatched value, accuracy, speed and capability.

We’re very proud of our manufacturing team so it’s only right we give them the ideal working environment to apply their talents. (Don’t tell them but we’re also going to replace their old staff room with a chill-out space with lounge, bar football table, posh coffee machine and plasma telly. Nice.)

Labels on demand

Have you used our On-Demand labels service yet? We hold label stocks for customers who make repeat orders. All they have to do is call us by 3pm and we’ll deliver their stock-held order the next day. This way they enjoy repeat order discounts without having to pay in full in advance or find the space to house box after box of labels.

To find out more about this service – or any of our other business-friendly ideas – please call us on 01625 574422 or email me at

Caption our photo and win £50 of Haribo!


I admit it. I’ve really missed your humorous responses to our caption competition. That includes the funny ones, the creative ones and the downright unprintable ones. So please get busy again. Put your best caption to this pic and I’ll make it worth your while. There’s £50 worth of Haribo sweeties for the winning line.

One last thing before I go – Happy Christmas to you and yours! I hope Santa brings you everything you want. See you back here in 2014!


Chocolate for Questions

We realise that no matter how well we may believe we have looked after you, it’s only how you feel about it that really counts.

If you would answer a handful of multiple answer questions that will allow us to better understand how to improve our products and services in the future, email and I’ll send the link on to you?

For those who are kind enough to oblige and regardless of your responses we would like to send you some chocolates as a small thank you for your time.


New company brochures and sample folders have arrived, please drop me an email if you would like to take a look at one!


Those of you who have known County Labels for some time will recognise we have a shiny new corporate identity. We hope that it meets with your approval and would value any feedback you have regarding how it looks and what it communicates. The feel we were looking for is modern, young, innovative, less serious yet professional. Do you think we have achieved our goal?

Send your thoughts to


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