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Microsoft Security Labels

Microsoft-hologramCounty Labels worked with Microsoft staff from Seattle in the US to innovate a tamper evident hologram label with integrated variable bar-code symbology  and  static print with lamination.  The R&D took approximately 6 months before we went into production of up to 250,000 labels a day, six days a week.  The labels were used as a method of counterfeit protection on  their hardware products, most predominantly Microsoft keyboards and mice.

County Labels were the chosen as a supplier to Microsoft because of a unique combination of printing presses and processes that allowed us to make the complex construction with minimal waste and without the need to have several companies involved in the manufacture of the finished label product.

We also demonstrated a superior ability to manage  strict material control paths, ensuring not a single piece of waste holographic material big enough to make a label from went unaccounted for. We were required to implement several additional security measures including the installation of CCTV, redcare alarm security and door entry code pads.


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