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Eye Cones

EyeconesOne of our clients came to County Labels with a requirement for a 100% UVA & UVB proof labels, with a skin grade adhesive.  As it was there were materials in the marketplace that were 97% UVA & UVB proof, not 100%.

The labels were to be used in the tanning bed industry, the material being made into small oval shaped labels, one to go over each eye protecting the sunbed users eyes from harmful UV light exposure.

It was obvious the volumes of labels would be high so not detered by lack of current material constructions to satisfy the requirement, the board of Directors took the decision to go to China to develop it and find an Asian partner to manufacture it.

We found an appropriate partner in a Chinese province called Ningbo, a hundred miles or so from Shanghai.



In addition we found an adhesive construction that had no possible adverse affects on human skin. So as to exceed the clients original brief we also applied for and attained European CE approval for the construction.


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